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Abandoned Building in South Mountain Reservation

I teamed up with some people in North Jersey to check out this place. None of are sure what the building was for…..one guy thought… read more Abandoned Building in South Mountain Reservation

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The Jacksons’ House

I was surprised to find out this house is just blocks away from me; I heard about it from a coworker. He said he was… read more The Jacksons’ House

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Originally visited 5/03 New pics from New Year’s Eve ’06 I originally went to Centralia back in May of ’03 with some of the fine… read more Centralia

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Abandoned Cranberry Mill

A reader of the site told me about this place. Thanks again, Ben. I was impressed with the condition of the place. Don’t know how… read more Abandoned Cranberry Mill

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Winslow Junction Tower

Back to Winslow Junction We went back to Winslow Junction and discovered someone had broken a side window. It was a squeeze, but I fit… read more Winslow Junction Tower

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Stokes House 2003

Not far from the ravine, cemetery, & Walpack Center is an abandoned house. I walked by it back in October or November, but there were… read more Stokes House 2003

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Cranberry Bog Pumping Station

This place is right by Martha’s Furnace, so we decided to check both out. We were disappointed by the furnace, but this place made the… read more Cranberry Bog Pumping Station

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Zabriskie Mansion

I heard about this place quite a few times. After getting directions from a message board, John & I headed up to the Palisades to… read more Zabriskie Mansion