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Originally visited 5/03 New pics from New Year’s Eve ’06 I originally went to Centralia back in May of ’03 with some of the fine… read more Centralia

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Blue Anchor Tavern

Not a whole lot to say about the Tavern. It was built in 1737, but all that’s left is the foundation and steps. It’s on… read more Blue Anchor Tavern

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NJ’s Stonehenge

This was my first nighttime trip, so not all the pics came out. Not a whole lot to say about this place. It’s a ring… read more NJ’s Stonehenge

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Hermann City

Originally visited 4/03 Updated 2/05 & 3/07 Hermann City was a short-lived town along the Mullica River in southern NJ. It was supposed to have… read more Hermann City

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Martha’s Furnace

Nov. ’04 – I removed this from the site for a while because it was rather boring. We originally went in April ’03 and figured… read more Martha’s Furnace

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Route 679 House

I found this place by accident…..sort of. It’s pretty hard not to notice this house on the side of Rt. 679. I was looking for… read more Route 679 House

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Harrisville Ruins

Originally visited 3/03 New photos from 2/05 I’m amazed at how much of Harrisville is left. This particular building is the paper mill, but cellar… read more Harrisville Ruins

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Pioneer Smelting Company

Visited 2/03 Demolished Winter ’03 The “House” This is the smallest of the buildings. It had only 2 rooms, and most of the walls had… read more Pioneer Smelting Company