World’s Greatest Electrician

I read about this one in an old newspaper article, along with the Ellis & Tse graves. Sal Giardino must’ve really loved his job, hence his headstone being a big black lightbulb. His daughter had the stone made, who oddly died only 3 months after he did.

While different, this stone really wasn’t worth the extra trip from my other 2 destinations. To make up for it though, I saw what I think is the coolest grave I’ve yet seen.

Note: I took these pictures on a rainy day. Any ‘orbs’ or ‘spirits’ you may see are raindrops. Please don’t email me with “OGM yuo has ghosts in yer pics lol!!1”

There are 4 ‘walls’ surrounded by plants. One side has an archway you can walk through.

Once you get inside, the ground is smooth shiny rocks, there’s a small fountain….it’s just great. The statues are what really blew my mind; looked better than even the ones at Sleepy Hollow.

Author: Stu