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South of the Border

Photos from June 2011 For a few years during my childhood, my family would drive down to Florida every February, and my brother and I… read more South of the Border

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Journey Behind the Falls

On the Canada side of Niagara Falls you can quite literally walk behind them, after an admission fee, of course.  A manmade tunnel was blasted… read more Journey Behind the Falls

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Desert of Maine

A desert in Maine is just about as out of place as a palace in West Virginia. The Desert of Maine technically isn’t a true… read more Desert of Maine

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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Graveyard

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory is quite a popular tourist destination in Vermont. But while most people go there to sample flavors, see ice… read more Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Graveyard

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Bushkill Falls

Stopped here while checking out potential towns to move to in PA. 9 bucks to hike around waterfalls….and they card you if you pay by… read more Bushkill Falls

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Lucy the Elephant

Most people look at you funny if you tell them there’s a 6 story elephant near Atlantic City. Lucy was built in 1881 to attract… read more Lucy the Elephant

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America’s Stonehenge

Quick rundown: In North Salem, NH, is a megalithic structure that has been a subject of controversy for years. Some claim it’s 4000+ years old… read more America’s Stonehenge