Lucy the Elephant

Most people look at you funny if you tell them there’s a 6 story elephant near Atlantic City.

Lucy was built in 1881 to attract people to Margate (South A.C. at the time) and to hopefully buy property there. Over the years, she’s been a real estate office, a bar, and a one time summer home. She’s also been half-buried in sand, ravaged by storms, and moved 2 blocks from her original location.

You can take a tour of the inside of Lucy, which is about 20 minutes. The tour finishes on the howdah (the thing on her back).


Just like a real elephant, Lucy has 5 toes on her front feet and 4 on her back.

Inside Lucy. The walls are painted the same color as a real elephant’s stomach.

The round holes are where her eyes are.

For getting the number of toes and color of her stomach right, the people who named Lucy forgot one lil’ thing: only male Indian elephants have tusks.

For more info on Lucy, or to find out the hours you can visit, check out her site:

Author: Stu