World War II Watchtower

Photos from 2003 & 2009
Originally posted 2003, updated 12/10

I didn’t even know about this place until I went to the Cape May Lighthouse and saw it off in the distance. The guide at the top of the lighthouse told me a bit about the history of the Watchtower, the Bunker, & the Concrete Shipwreck. The Shipwreck’s just down the street from the tower. And now for the sake of scribbling on pics, here’s the tower & shipwreck from the lighthouse:

Don’t know too much about the tower actually. The guide told me it was from World War II and that it’s closed off. He wasn’t kidding; there wasn’t even a door to get in. They sealed it off completely. He also mentioned they plan on reopening it within 3-5 years. I hope they go through with this ‘cuz I really want to see the inside.

There’s a faint outline of where the door was

Update – 12/10

In July of ’09, I took a friend from out of the country to the shore since he had never seen a boardwalk before.  We went to Wildwood, and during our time there, I decided to swing by Sunset Beach to check up on things.  Turns out the tower is finally open.  There is a fee to climb to the top; military and veterans can go for free.







Looks like a long way down.







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  1. I really like the pictures! I am interested as well to see the inside of this awesome watch tower! I would like to see this reopen and have people come to see this neet attraction. Who owns this. Imagine the possibly here. Thanks great pictures!

  2. There are towers from WWII on the other side of the bay in Delaware that have been open for quite some time. They’re no different than the one in Cape May and the good news is that Delaware doesn’t charge you to visit them.

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