Old Burying Point Cemetery

The oldest cemetery in Salem, Burying Point has at least 1 Mayflower passenger and many people involved in the Salem Witch trials. Many of the stones are from the 1600’s, which I found fascinating. We don’t have cemeteries that old down this way. Many of the stones were in pretty bad shape, but a few have withstood 4 centuries quite well.

Some stones that have been broken are fastened together, like the 2 in this pic.

Others were put into ‘frames’, so to speak. That still didn’t help these 2, though.

Judge Hathorne’s stone. He was the judge for the Salem Witch Trials.

Some stones we found at the base of a tree


We went back to Salem for the first time in 3 years, and we were very disappointed to see the place has become even more touristy. Old Burying Point now has nighttime candlelight tours, and the alley in front of it was lined with kettle corn and other food stands. The last time we went to Salem, we were about the only ones in the graveyard (mind you we went the 1st week of October both times). This time, I could barely take any pictures because of all the people there. And it really pissed me off because there were kids laying on the graves, tripping over them, etc…Show some respect. And for the love of god, parents, teach them some respect.

…anyway, here are some new pics.

This poor soul is right in the middle of the path.

Author: Stu