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East Village Rock n’ Roll Tour

Photos from November 2011 I laugh whenever anyone says history classes are boring, because I’ve taken some really cool and unusual ones, case in point… read more East Village Rock n’ Roll Tour

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Lizzie Borden House & Grave

“Lizzie Borden took an ax…” You know the rest. Or at least you should. All the way back in 1992, my 6th grade class did… read more Lizzie Borden House & Grave

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Marie Zimmermann House

I read a bit about this place before a camping trip up on the PA side of the Water Gap; I didn’t know much except… read more Marie Zimmermann House

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Little Debbie’s Grave and Ye Olde Robbins Burial Place

I’ve known about this place for years. Why I took this long to visit it I’ll never know. Not many know a member of the… read more Little Debbie’s Grave and Ye Olde Robbins Burial Place

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Gillette Castle

I honestly didn’t know much about this place before deciding to visit it. I found out it was the home of the guy who played… read more Gillette Castle

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Old Burying Point Cemetery

The oldest cemetery in Salem, Burying Point has at least 1 Mayflower passenger and many people involved in the Salem Witch trials. Many of the… read more Old Burying Point Cemetery

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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Originally visited 4/03 New photos from 5/05 50+ photos….go get a soda or something. Sleepy Hollow is huge. I guess it’d have to be with… read more Sleepy Hollow Cemetery