Revolutionary Soldiers’ Graves @ Washington Crossing

Within the Pennsylvania side of Washington Crossing State Park is a memorial/cemetery for Revolutionary soldiers who died the night Washington crossed the Delaware to own some drunken Hessians. The field is surrounded on 3 sides by a small stone wall, which resembles a fort. Two large pillars stand at the entrance. A tall flag pole is in the center of the field with a circle of stones at its base, each naming one of the 13 original colonies. At the back is a row of grave stones (all look new), along with a plaque. All but one stone say the same thing: “Unknown Soldier Continental Line Rev War Dec 1776.” The center stone marks a Captain James Moore.

Friendly warning – as of this writing (4/05) the entire PA side of Washington Crossing seems to be under heavy renovation; trails were ripped up and are now mud, sections of the park were closed off, and the bridge leading to the park from NJ was closed. We had to use the New Hope bridge, which was a pain.

Author: Stu