Belle Mead General Depot

Fair amount of photos. Go walk your dog. Or cat. Or ferret.

This was somewhat of an accidental find. We learned of an unused water tower with a geocache on top of it. Somehow Bill from LostinJersey found out an entire abandoned depot was not far from it as well. We decided to explore the depot area before going to the water tower.

Our goal far off in the distance.

At the time, we didn’t know what the place was or how long it had been abandoned. It turns out it’s the Belle Mead General Depot and it was abandoned sometime in the 1960’s. Mercury was stored here as well and according to some sources is currently leaking into the ground.

There weren’t too many buildings – one big one and a couple little ones. The area was huge and we did a good amount of walking. There are also several torn up rail lines.

Most of the buildings were far in the back.

Ah, finally…..the water tower.

The ascension.

The depot from the top of the tower…

Author: Stu

4 thoughts on “Belle Mead General Depot

  1. How do you get to this? My friend and I tried searching for it today but could not find it.

  2. hey, me and my friend go back in the depot all the time! its great! im glad you got to see what we experience every weekend! we havnt had the experience to explore the building because they burnt down in 2010, and they took out the concrete for the platforms, by the way awesome photographs man!

  3. I lived in the barracks with my Mom and Dad from 1947 til 1954 when my Dad was a security guard working at the Depot..Have pictures of me and also movies my Dad took of us all back in the 1950s there..Don’t recognize much in the pictures shown but do remember that water tower….

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