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Carbondale Mine Fires & Abandoned Factory

I had read on a number of online forums that Carbondale had 3 fires burning underneath it at once. Having already been to both Centralia… read more Carbondale Mine Fires & Abandoned Factory

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New England ’08

Desert of Maine in Freeport. This year’s trip was actually somewhat planned out beforehand. Planning is, surprisingly, not a bad thing. During all our previous… read more New England ’08

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Grave of Aquila Henning

Located in Albrightsville, PA, is one of the more unusual graves I’ve come across, and I’ve seen some interesting stuff – full size Mercedes replicas,… read more Grave of Aquila Henning

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Van Sant Covered Bridge

It’s no secret I like covered bridges. Whenever I come across one, I tend to post it. This one, however, is a special case, at… read more Van Sant Covered Bridge

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Bowman’s Hill Tower

Found in Pennsylvania’s part of Washington’s Crossing State Park (just up the road from the Revolutionary Soldiers’ graves, actually), is a 125′ tall tower on… read more Bowman’s Hill Tower

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Red Ash Mine Fire

With all the attention Centralia gets, it’s no wonder many people are unaware there are quite a few mine fires still going in Pennsylvania, many… read more Red Ash Mine Fire

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Peters Valley and Thunder Mountain School

Located just a few miles north Walpack is the area known as Peter’s Valley. Like Walpack, much of the area was forced to vacate when… read more Peters Valley and Thunder Mountain School

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Queen Esther’s Rock

Interesting bit of Revolution history here that I never saw in any text book. And, just like the Matlack Grave, it’s wedged in between 2… read more Queen Esther’s Rock