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Walpack Center

Photos by Stu (2002-03) and John (2005) Walpack is a town that was abandoned in the 60’s when the government bought it. They bought many… read more Walpack Center

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Purgatory House – Annie’s Photos

Included on this page are some of Annie’s pictures of the Purgatory House, well before my trip there. This is when everything was still in… read more Purgatory House – Annie’s Photos

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Asbury Park

Originally visited Fall ’01 New photos Spring ’03 Took me 2 years, but here are new (& much better) pics. It’s Asbury; no further explanation… read more Asbury Park

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Marlboro Slaughterhouse

Note: The slaughterhouse was the original trip for the site. As such, I’ve decided to keep the photos in their original condition. They’re big, grainy,… read more Marlboro Slaughterhouse

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Fisherman’s Pit/”The Lake”

First posted Fall ’01 Redone 11/02 This is the first ‘weird’ place I’ve been to. It’s fun to get there too; you have to go… read more Fisherman’s Pit/”The Lake”

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Stone Living Room

Photos from 2001, 2003, 2005 Destroyed Summer ’05 To date, we’ve visited the Stone Living Room 3 times, and every time it’s different. On our… read more Stone Living Room