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Fort Knox

Fort Knox was constructed beginning in 1844 to help prevent any potential invasions from Britain. This part of Maine was invaded by the British during… read more Fort Knox

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World Traveler Sign

This can be found where Routes 5 & 35 meet in Lynchville. A semi-famous place in the state of Maine, the sign has been appearing… read more World Traveler Sign

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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Graveyard

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory is quite a popular tourist destination in Vermont. But while most people go there to sample flavors, see ice… read more Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor Graveyard

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New England ’08

Desert of Maine in Freeport. This year’s trip was actually somewhat planned out beforehand. Planning is, surprisingly, not a bad thing. During all our previous… read more New England ’08

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Dana, along with 3 other towns – Prescott, Enfield, and Greenwich – was dissolved in 1938 when the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir was planned…. read more Dana

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Old Cemetery Near Otis, MA

I can’t find anything out about this place, other than it’s near Otis. Most of the stones appear to be from the 1800’s. If it… read more Old Cemetery Near Otis, MA

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Dinosaur Footprints Reservations

Actual dinosaur footprints? In their original location and undisturbed? NOT plaster casts? I had to see. As a kid, I was big into dinosaurs. I… read more Dinosaur Footprints Reservations

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Champ’s Monument

I am fully aware that this is a very, very dumb addition to the site. And I don’t care. When I was little, I read… read more Champ’s Monument