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America’s Stonehenge

Quick rundown: In North Salem, NH, is a megalithic structure that has been a subject of controversy for years. Some claim it’s 4000+ years old… read more America’s Stonehenge

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The Flume

Originally visited 10/03 Updated 10/05 The Flume is a gorge in Franconia State Park in New Hampshire. There is nothing strange or bizarre about it,… read more The Flume

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New England ’03

America’s Stonehenge, NH This will always be one of my most memorable trips. It was the first time I went off on my own –… read more New England ’03

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Lambertville High School

I almost didn’t want to do this place. Everyone’s been there…everyone knows the stories. But we were in New Hope, which is just across the… read more Lambertville High School

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Tree Stump Cemetery

Not a whole lot to say about this……it’s a tiny, tiny cemetery on a hill. I found it accidentally while looking for Gobbler’s Rock, which… read more Tree Stump Cemetery

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Roadside Stonehenges

Spencer 8/03 Bloomington 4/04 Found this alongside Rt. 46 in Indiana……we were on our way to Nashville when I noticed 3 stone…..things on the side… read more Roadside Stonehenges

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Circus Drive-In

From the roadside, the place looks rather boring…..just an old movie screen. But once we started walking around, I realized it was pretty interesting….the driveways… read more Circus Drive-In

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Old House Near Ocean County College

A coworker told me about this place about a month ago. He said the ruins of a house were in the woods not far from… read more Old House Near Ocean County College