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World’s Greatest Electrician

I read about this one in an old newspaper article, along with the Ellis & Tse graves. Sal Giardino must’ve really loved his job, hence… read more World’s Greatest Electrician

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Mary Ellis’ Grave

Mary Ellis’ grave itself isn’t all to interesting…it’s its location that makes it interesting. Yup, that’s one grave, sitting by itself in the New Brunswick… read more Mary Ellis’ Grave

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Mercedes-Benz Grave

When Raymond Tse died in 1981, he was only 15 and never had the chance to drive his dream car; he really loved Mercedes-Benz’s apparently…. read more Mercedes-Benz Grave

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Roadside Gravestones on Route 40

I found 3 grave stones right on the side of the road. The first was of someone who was killed by a drunk driver. I’ve… read more Roadside Gravestones on Route 40

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Old Burying Point Cemetery

The oldest cemetery in Salem, Burying Point has at least 1 Mayflower passenger and many people involved in the Salem Witch trials. Many of the… read more Old Burying Point Cemetery

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Mass Grave for the Unknown

Originally visited 2/03 Updated/Reshot 4/04 “The Unknown From The Sea” I read about this grave on a neat lil’ site I found. It has full… read more Mass Grave for the Unknown