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12/06 New pics 12/07 We visited Amatol in the spring, but for whatever reason I never got around to posting it. There are 2 points… read more Amatol

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Lizzie Borden House & Grave

“Lizzie Borden took an ax…” You know the rest. Or at least you should. All the way back in 1992, my 6th grade class did… read more Lizzie Borden House & Grave

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West Virginia Penitentiary

I. Hate. Group. Tours. I was expecting another Eastern State romp – getting a map, signing a waiver, and going off on my merry little… read more West Virginia Penitentiary

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Marie Zimmermann House

I read a bit about this place before a camping trip up on the PA side of the Water Gap; I didn’t know much except… read more Marie Zimmermann House

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Mount Laurel Potters Field

If it weren’t for the markers, you’d have no idea this was a graveyard – just looks like a small patch of woods in between… read more Mount Laurel Potters Field

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The Matlack Grave

I found this while out geocaching in Marlton & Cherry Hill. This is yet another lone gravestone that appears to be out of place. I… read more The Matlack Grave

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Toms River Blockhouse

Don’t know why I didn’t put this up sooner; I took these pictures last year. Just about anyone who passes through downtown Toms River has… read more Toms River Blockhouse

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Stone Iron Furnace

We noticed this while visiting The Flume for the 2nd time. These ruins are of a stone iron furnace, the last of its kind in… read more Stone Iron Furnace