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Revolutionary Soldiers’ Graves @ Washington Crossing

Within the Pennsylvania side of Washington Crossing State Park is a memorial/cemetery for Revolutionary soldiers who died the night Washington crossed the Delaware to own… read more Revolutionary Soldiers’ Graves @ Washington Crossing

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Red Bank Battlefield

I recently read about a little-known battlefield along the Delaware. After learning some of the history and reading that ruins from the fort could be… read more Red Bank Battlefield

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Another Bridge to Nowhere

Another bridge oddity, although this one is more unique than the first we found. Located in Mauricetown, this bridge has been turned into somewhat of… read more Another Bridge to Nowhere

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Little Debbie’s Grave and Ye Olde Robbins Burial Place

I’ve known about this place for years. Why I took this long to visit it I’ll never know. Not many know a member of the… read more Little Debbie’s Grave and Ye Olde Robbins Burial Place

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Capone Place 2005

Since my last visit, they’ve added blocks to the top to give the building the castle appearance it had back in the day. I was… read more Capone Place 2005

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Estellville Glassworks

Surprised I haven’t been to this one sooner, as it’s just down the road from Belcoville. There isn’t much left of the glassworks; much of… read more Estellville Glassworks

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Outside Ringwood Manor

Not much to say…just some pics of the various statues and whatnot outside Ringwood Manor. I found some of the stuff unusual. We were too… read more Outside Ringwood Manor

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Hermitage Tunnel

Not too far from the Hermitage (a very old and historic house in northern NJ) is what appears to be a tunnel built into the… read more Hermitage Tunnel