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The “Cannonball” Tunnel

I heard about an old railroad tunnel not too far from my house – about 10-15 minutes away. I’m used to having to go 2+… read more The “Cannonball” Tunnel

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Fries Mill

Probably one of the least visited and least known ghost towns in southern New Jersey, Fries Mill can be found in the Manumuskin River Preserve…. read more Fries Mill

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Boulder Field

Much like Ringing Rocks, Boulder Field was formed due to glacial activity. It’s pretty much the same as Ringing Rocks, except as far as I… read more Boulder Field

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Lehigh Tannery Ruins

This was another place that we discovered was just a few minutes away from our new house. Lehigh Tannery was destroyed by fire in 1875,… read more Lehigh Tannery Ruins

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Dana, along with 3 other towns – Prescott, Enfield, and Greenwich – was dissolved in 1938 when the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir was planned…. read more Dana

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Old Cemetery Near Otis, MA

I can’t find anything out about this place, other than it’s near Otis. Most of the stones appear to be from the 1800’s. If it… read more Old Cemetery Near Otis, MA

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Dinosaur Footprints Reservations

Actual dinosaur footprints? In their original location and undisturbed? NOT plaster casts? I had to see. As a kid, I was big into dinosaurs. I… read more Dinosaur Footprints Reservations

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Champ’s Monument

I am fully aware that this is a very, very dumb addition to the site. And I don’t care. When I was little, I read… read more Champ’s Monument