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America’s Stonehenge

Quick rundown: In North Salem, NH, is a megalithic structure that has been a subject of controversy for years. Some claim it’s 4000+ years old… read more America’s Stonehenge

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The Capone Place 2003

Man, are there rumors about this place. Now Crystal Lake Health Care & Rehabilitation, this was the Royal Pines Hotel back in the 20’s. You… read more The Capone Place 2003

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Winslow Junction

Originally visited 4/03 New photos 2/05 Inside the Tower – 8/03 Some time ago, Winslow Junction was one of the busiest train stations on the… read more Winslow Junction

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Blue Anchor Tavern

Not a whole lot to say about the Tavern. It was built in 1737, but all that’s left is the foundation and steps. It’s on… read more Blue Anchor Tavern

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Bethlehem Loading Company

Originally visited 2/03 Reshot photos 3/05 Bethlehem was quite active during World War I; different types of shells were produced here. Many ruins still remain,… read more Bethlehem Loading Company

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Jekyll & St. Simons Islands

Written 10/02 I haven’t been to Georgia in years; I’d love to get back there and get new pictures from both islands. These really, really… read more Jekyll & St. Simons Islands

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Quaker Bridge

Yet another place we stumbled upon by accident. When we took the dirt road a little too far, we ended up on this bridge. According… read more Quaker Bridge

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Carranza Monument

Found accidentally 9/02 Page revamped 8/04 In July of 1928, Emilio Carranza Rodriguez’s plane crashed in the Pine Barrens. He was on his way back… read more Carranza Monument