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Cape Henlopen State Park

This was my main reason for visiting Lewes. I had read about 7 concrete towers along the coast that were from World War II. Back… read more Cape Henlopen State Park

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Fort Mott

Fort Mott was one of 3 forts built along the Delaware after the Civil War. Its construction began in 1872 but stopped in 1876. Only… read more Fort Mott

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Finn’s Point

Finn’s Point National Cemetery is small….not even 5 acres in size. When you first enter, you don’t see too many stones. But once you get… read more Finn’s Point

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Sandy Hook 2004

2002 Trip / 2006 Trip I’m glad I came back here; we found a lot that I missed on the previous trips. First thing we… read more Sandy Hook 2004

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Bunker on Cape May Point Beach

11/03 Updated on 4/05 The lighthouse guide in Cape May told me a brief history about the bunker. It’s from one of the world wars… read more Bunker on Cape May Point Beach

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Concrete Shipwreck S.S. Atlantus

I was a bit disappointed. There’s not much of it left above water. The ship, S.S. Atlantus, was an experiment from WWI. After a few… read more Concrete Shipwreck S.S. Atlantus

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World War II Watchtower

Photos from 2003 & 2009 Originally posted 2003, updated 12/10 I didn’t even know about this place until I went to the Cape May Lighthouse… read more World War II Watchtower

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Sandy Hook 2002

2004 Trip / 2006 Trip Sandy Hook is an odd lil’ place. The north end is where the interesting stuff is. The area was used… read more Sandy Hook 2002