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Car in the Giant Puddle – 12/02

Here is why you should always, ALWAYS use caution when exploring off main or paved roads. On one of our trips to find the Bamber… read more Car in the Giant Puddle – 12/02

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Spanish Mansion Ruins

First visited 12/02 Page redone 2/05 Video added 9/08 This place is, surprisingly, right off a main road, just down the street from the alleged… read more Spanish Mansion Ruins

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Route 30 Pyramid

First visited 12/02 Page redone 3/05 Along Rt. 30 one can find what was once the Temple of Hope and Knowledge, which was some sort… read more Route 30 Pyramid

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Ancora Village

Visited 12/02 Demolished sometime afterward According to sources, Ancora Village, now abandoned, once was a community of minimum risk patients deemed suitable to live outside… read more Ancora Village

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Bayville Dinosaur

Originally posted 12/02 New pics from 12/05 This has never been a big deal to me, since Bayville is my hometown; I’ve seen this every… read more Bayville Dinosaur

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The Blue Hole

First visited 12/02 Pics from 2/05 The Blue Hole is one of those places I simply don’t understand why people make a big deal out… read more The Blue Hole

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Forked River Mountains

On one of our doomed Bamber Boys’ Home searches, I stumbled across a backway into the Forked River Mountain Preserve. Trouble is, there are tons… read more Forked River Mountains

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Marlboro Slaughterhouse 11/02

This time around, I found the nifty side entrance to the Slaughterhouse property I couldn’t find before. It cuts out a good 20 minutes of… read more Marlboro Slaughterhouse 11/02