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The Waving Cowboy

Written 11/02 You never realize what you have ’till it’s gone. Such is the case with the Waving Cowboy. I drove by it a million… read more The Waving Cowboy

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Jekyll & St. Simons Islands

Written 10/02 I haven’t been to Georgia in years; I’d love to get back there and get new pictures from both islands. These really, really… read more Jekyll & St. Simons Islands

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Monk’s Caves

10/02 & 12/02 12/16/05 – I never, ever edit my old photos. This was an exception – the only one so far. This was such… read more Monk’s Caves

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Indian Cabin Road

Photos from 2002, 2003, & 2005 Indian Cabin Road is yet another road that has stories of shotgun-wielding hicks driving black pick-ups and satanic groups… read more Indian Cabin Road

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Quaker Bridge

Yet another place we stumbled upon by accident. When we took the dirt road a little too far, we ended up on this bridge. According… read more Quaker Bridge

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Marlboro Slaughterhouse 10/02

They came in and ripped up the old railroad running through the property! Here’s the picture of the railroad overhang from last September: And now:… read more Marlboro Slaughterhouse 10/02

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Carranza Monument

Found accidentally 9/02 Page revamped 8/04 In July of 1928, Emilio Carranza Rodriguez’s plane crashed in the Pine Barrens. He was on his way back… read more Carranza Monument

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Hampton Furnace

First found 9/02 New pics 2/05 After a controlled Fire 1/06 These pics are from 2/05. The original photos can be found at the bottom… read more Hampton Furnace