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Bamber Boy’s Home

First and foremost, I’m going to complain. Weird NJ claims the Boys’ Home was near Bamber Lakes and that it’s in Ocean Township. First off,… read more Bamber Boy’s Home

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Mays Landing Brick Company

I noticed these old-looking tall things sticking out of the woods on one of our trips down to Seabreeze. So I jumped out of the… read more Mays Landing Brick Company

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Bethlehem Loading Company

Originally visited 2/03 Reshot photos 3/05 Bethlehem was quite active during World War I; different types of shells were produced here. Many ruins still remain,… read more Bethlehem Loading Company

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Spanish Mansion Ruins

First visited 12/02 Page redone 2/05 Video added 9/08 This place is, surprisingly, right off a main road, just down the street from the alleged… read more Spanish Mansion Ruins

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Forked River Mountains

On one of our doomed Bamber Boys’ Home searches, I stumbled across a backway into the Forked River Mountain Preserve. Trouble is, there are tons… read more Forked River Mountains

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Marlboro Slaughterhouse 11/02

This time around, I found the nifty side entrance to the Slaughterhouse property I couldn’t find before. It cuts out a good 20 minutes of… read more Marlboro Slaughterhouse 11/02

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Jekyll & St. Simons Islands

Written 10/02 I haven’t been to Georgia in years; I’d love to get back there and get new pictures from both islands. These really, really… read more Jekyll & St. Simons Islands

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Indian Cabin Road

Photos from 2002, 2003, & 2005 Indian Cabin Road is yet another road that has stories of shotgun-wielding hicks driving black pick-ups and satanic groups… read more Indian Cabin Road